Contributing Artists


Lori Embree

Owner/Artist, Professional Fan
The Brass Caliper

Lori’s artistry focuses on Steampunk, fan-inspired, repurposed, antique, activism or history. To her, every piece has stories attached, and she will share them with you whether you want her to or not. She has designed jewelry for celebrities, been featured in a reality TV show, and gone to 203 George Strait concerts (so far). She is not fond of Xanadu. Lori is the most interesting sleeper in the world. Stay sleepy my friends.

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Sarah Fremont
Artist, Rock-Hound
The Brass Caliper

Sarah loves to work with wire, rocks, and gems. She uses the energies in the metal and rocks to help direct her creativity. She loves all things Disney, The color green, and she calls herself a hippie gypsy. Sarah loves the ocean and traveling. She loves her dachshund Gus more than any human being. We’re not sure that would change if she ever had children.

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Jennifer Evans & Jerusha Hawkins
Artists, The Ultimate DreamTeam
Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them

Jennifer loves all things geeky (which includes her husband). She uses essential oils and organic ingredients to create her art. She loves to create scrubs, lotions, lip gloss, toilet spray, and scent diffusers; and will probably come up with 721 more products you will love. We’re pretty sure she uses a time-turner.

Jerusha could not get any geekier. She loves Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural just to name a few and she is making sure her kids are being brainwashed to love them too. She love being creative with anything and everything and has been told she likes to collect hobbies. When she is not totally geeking out with her family she sews bereavement and burial gowns for babies who pass away for NICU helping hands Angel Gown program.

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Eric Embree
Artist, SuperTeacher
The Brass Caliper

In an alternate universe, Eric is exactly the same person he is here (minus the cape). That’s how awesome he is. His artistry tends to focus on things that use power. His specialties are Steampunk Lamps and amazing looking Chess Sets. He doesn’t create in a studio, he designs in a lair. He even has a white lab coat and a welding helmet. He has only cut power to his house 3 or 4 times. His maniacal laugh is truly eeevvviiillllll (shudder).

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Mitch Gleed
Artist, Secret Superhero

Mitch is a fantastic up-and-coming artist. His work will be famous one day, so make sure you hang on tight to all of his work. He loves taking a composite of ideas and turning it into hyper-realism masterpieces. Mitch will be focusing on the art of Steampunk, and will be using many different mediums--canvas, paper, T-Shirts, plastics, fiberglass, metals, skin, you name it (no, we’re not going to send you skin; Mitch doubles as a tattoo artist). Signed prints will always be available to loyal Brass Caliper customers. Sometimes he talks. His superpower is his extreme good looks. It's almost as powerful as The Force.

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Garrett Embree
Artist, 5th Grader, Wizard
The Brass Caliper


Garrett is our youngest artist, and was born on July 31--Harry Potter’s birthday. He turns 11 this year. His parents wonder if he will go to Ilvermorny or Hogwarts. His parents also hope he doesn’t get in trouble with The Ministry of Magic because they are pretty sure he has used magic outside of school (they will just fill the pantry, and then seemingly seconds later, it is empty). Garrett loves to make things with Perler beads. He also likes to draw. He has a solid business mind (which freaks his parents out a little bit, since they do not), and will probably be a YouTube sensation by the time he is 15.

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Heather Bolland
Artist, Expecting twins in March, so...massive Superpowers.
2 Legit 2 Knit
Heather’s grandmother taught her to crochet at age 5. Grandma only taught her--it was how they bonded. Little did Heather know that Gram taught her so that she could use her skills to fight for Truth, Justice, and The American Way. Her artistry focuses on crochet, and she can crochet nearly anything. She could probably crochet you a solution to all of your problems. She lives in Florida and is expecting--her and her husband will be first time parents in March 2017--to twins (she doesn’t do anything standard). She is married to the weirdest man in the world. That’s how Heather keeps it real.

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