Resin: Resin is Lori's obsession. And it is an obsession. Pendants, charms, earrings, name it, it can be made out of resin. It's beautiful, durable & unique. It's not an easy medium to work with, but it is very satisfying.  

Stones & Wire Wrapping: This collection is handmade by Sarah Fremont. We are from Idaho which is known as "The Gem State." Naturally she fell in love with stones, and many of the stones you will see here have been passed down to her from generations of rock hounds. (aka Grandpa and Great Grandma and Grandpa) A lot of the stones Sarah uses are found right here in Idaho, and most have been found, tumbled, and polished by her Grandpa and Great Grandpa. Sarah believes that not only are stones beautiful, but they hold energy. Each energy is different depending on the type of rock it is, and what the stone is made from. Just think, the earth took thousands of years to form these beautiful stones, and we have the pleasure of wearing some of it as jewelry. Nothing better than that. Sarah often takes her stones, & grapes them in beautiful silver, copper or bronze wire. The way the metal & the stone react together is significant; and the way Sarah makes it look is magnificent.