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“I Dream of Stars That Glitter”

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A line from one of the artist’s favorite poems by James J Metcalfe. Comes on a 16” ivory rope with silver lobster clasp. 


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I Dreamed Of You 

I dreamed of you last night, my love...
I dreamed that you were mine...And in your
happy eyes I saw...The stars and
moonbeams shine...We had a little
house with trees...And flowers all around..
And there we two had all the joy...And
peace that could be found...
The birds were singing merrily...The sky
was bright and clear...And in a cradle at
our side...We rocked our baby dear...
We stood there holding hands, and then...
We shared the sweetest kiss...And felt
that nothing else could be...As wonderful as this
...I only wish it had not been..
Just one more dream of you...But, oh, I hope
and pray someday...that vision
will come true!

James J. Metcalfe