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Giant Dragon Egg

Regular price $ 40.00

Because dragons are cool. And dragon eggs...even cooler! 

I was inspired to make these for my Mama Dragon Sisters (if you don’t know who they are, I encourage you to Google who we are!); and I loved them so much that I decided to go for it in my business. 

Each egg is made with individually painted and sealed tacks and then positioned into an earth-friendly Smoothfoam egg. No two eggs are ever the same. The process is arduous, yet therapeutic.  

I would be happy to make you your own nerdy inspired egg; understand that the process takes time. I do have some in stock though. Currently I have four main sizes:

Giant (6.” - 7.5”H),

Large (4.75” - 5.5”H),

Medium (3.5” - 4.5”H),

Small (2” - 3”H)

Because there were people who helped me in my youth, I feel like it is my turn to Pay It Forward. Therefore, a portion of each of your purchases will go to support youth in need. I live near a conservative university town, so my focus so far has been on the local youth LGBTQ community. I also donate to heart associations, primary children’s hospital, Ronald McDonald House, & Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Thank you for helping me in this endeavor. 

NOTE: Price of each individual egg is for the BASIC egg. Any adornment price will be according to the adornment, and will be added on to the individual egg.