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Lori is a history nerd. She loves recreating historical jewelry pieces. Here you will find her recreations of Women's Suffrage, Civil Rights, LGBT Rights, Feminism, and more. Forward, forward sisters! Onward ever more! Bondage is behind you, Freedom is before.

Women received the right to vote in 1920*. But it was a long fight by (among others) Suffragettes, who made it happen.

"Fashion is always a statement of some sort but never was it as political a statement as it was for the Suffragettes. Suffragettes liked to be depicted as femin­ine, in soft blouses and with their hair pinned up softly, to counter the stere­o­types put for­ward by opponents that they were mannish or shrieking. Every suffrage organ­ization seems to have dev­eloped a close relation­ship with a particular West End department store in London which outfitted them approp­riately.  Green, white and violet became the popularly recognized colors of the Women's Social and Political Union. Since the suff­ragette movement slogan was Give Woman the Vote, Emmeline and Chris­ta­bel Pankhurst adopted the three colours: Green=Give, White = Woman and Violet = Vote. The WSPU ex­horted women to "wear the colours" and show the support for the mo­vement. Jewels like amethysts, pearls and peridot were used to show support and solidarity. (1)" 

"I started this line of jewelry to pay homage to those brave women," creator Lori Embree said recently. "I hope we never forget the sacrifices those women made so we could have the privilege of voting."  

Show your support of history and women by wearing your very own Suffragette Jewelry line from The Brass Caliper, and remember all those who made GIVE WOMEN the VOTE possible. 

(1. Information about Emmeline & Christabel Pankhurst and Suffragette Jewelry comes from the blog http://melbourneblogger.blogspot.com/2009/02/fashion-is-always-statement-of-some.html)

(* While technically women were given the right to vote in 1920, it would take decades before women of color would be able to fully realize this right.)