Brass Packs


Welcome to our Brass Packs Subscription Page! If you are looking for something that is handmade and heartfelt, you are in the right place.

Our goals are to make CONNECTIONS and SHARE ART & IDEAS.

YES, this is a subscription pack. Monthly theme-based packs of handmade jewelry. It's like getting presents from your nerdy friends who get you!

But let's face it. Everyone can order products online. Our packs are different. They are personal, handmade, and heartfelt. They are imperfect, and passionate, and full of emotion. Why? Because we want something from you besides your money. In fact, we barely want your money. These packs aren't going to make us rich by any stretch of the imagination. The price doesn't begin to cover the price of supplies. But that's ok, that's not what we do this for. We want to get to know you. Human connection in the 21st century is going to become more and more important as we put more and more electronics in front of us as potential barriers. But we’ve also learned that it doesn’t have to be that way. Electronics are a beautiful tool that can bring so much to so many. So why not embrace it!? 

Remember “Round Robin” letters and packages? Most of you may not, because you are so young. But in the good old days before Presidents had Twitter accounts, we used to write letters, put a real stamp on them, go down to the post office (this is where you pick up your Amazon packages when the postal carriers get it wrong), and mail it to another human being. Your letter would be carried by human beings to a beloved destination. They would open your letter, read your words, laugh, consider, whatever...and then add on to it and send it on to another person. Our family used to do a “Round Robin” Journal. The Journal would start with Grandma...she would keep it for a month..she’d write in it each day...write what she was doing, maybe include her famous recipe for huckleberry jam, a couple of dried flowers from the farm, and then pass it to the next relative. He would write too, include pictures of the kids, letters from Uncle so-and-so who was serving in the war, and then he’d send it to the next relative “Robin,” and the circle would continue for years. We filled several journals that way. We don’t do it any more this way, but we still have a copy of those journals saved digitally on a family dropbox. Now we have a family Facebook page where we drop in and make posts on family events, graduations, weddings, funerals, etc. It’s nice, but I MISS those old journals. The huckleberry stain on the same page as the recipe. The torn and then taped together page from the kid that HAD to write in it too in his toddler language. The embarrassing picture of my 8th grade perm and my equally embarrassing school uniform. The wildflower that we only have a picture of now that was pressed between the pages.

My goal is to bring this feeling back with our Brass Packs. I believe that within all of us is an immense creative being. Some of us have tapped into part of that iceberg. Some of us have yet to discover it. I was a full on adult before I realized my creative mind, and it wasn’t until I was 50 years old before that work was recognized for the very first time by an esteemed art gallery (I’m still over the moon about it). 

So these packs require a commitment from you too. Feedback is crucial. Are you seeing jewelry trends that you are wanting to try? Are you having a hard time finding a particular nerdy item? Would you like to spread your wings and try doing a pack for our subscribers for a month? All of these things are open for subscribers to try. Dip your toes in, or jump all the way in to the creative pool. I have a hunch that the more you put into the packs, the more you will enjoy the experience. 

2018 Monthly Themes: (subject to change)

January - Activism

February - Love: Exciting & New

March - Heroes & Sheroes

April - Nature & Animals

May - Space & Science

June - Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

July - Americana & Vintage

August - Adventure & Travel

September - Pop Culture & Icons

October - Day of the Dead, Night of the Living, Afternoon of the Nap?

November - Fantasy & Magic

December - Celebrations & Traditions

Of course, you know that if I'm involved, there will be Steampunk and Nerdy elements involved.

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$25 + $5 S/H per month per year.

$40 + $5 S/H month-to-month

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