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I can wear jewelry now!

For years I haven't been able to wear jewelry (the irony of this for a jewelry maker is not lost on me). Something about my skin and metals, plastics, resins, etc....they just don't get along. I have to wear gloves to protect my skin while making jewelry. My ears in particular are very sensitive to earrings. Even nickel free or sensitive ear type earrings don't work. If I wear a copper bracelet, my skin will be green in minutes. If I wear even a simple necklace, I will have red blotches on my neck.  And at shows and ComiCons I WANT TO WEAR MY JEWELRY.  And I have so many potential customers say "oh I love your stuff, but I...

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Pre-Portland, Creation Music & Bonding

Feb 7 2016 (Superbowl Sunday...Go Cowboys...I know, I know)... We are getting ready for the Portland Comicon. It's the farthest we've gone since we started our business. I've never been to Portland (I know, right?!). I hear it's beautiful. We have grown enough that we are now adding SKU's to our items. SKU's! That's a big deal. I have to tell you, I LOVE MAKING JEWELRY. I love creating weird, Frankenstein-ey things. I love taking old, discarded things, and making them into beautiful things, if for no other reason, but to prove that old and broken things can be more beautiful than anything new and shiny (I'm old and broken and happen to think I'm pretty awesome ;-) ).  What...

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The Why

...when I look at myself with all the broken pieces on the Artist's Table, I still see sometimes what I once was, and mourn that shiny soul that used to be me. But now? Now I see something beyond that. Something infinitely more interesting. I see potential. I see beauty. I see the broken and tarnished pieces in new ways. I see the ugly scars now as giving richness to things—striking shapes, texture, and contrast. I see my past, my present and my future in new and profound ways. I see the good and the bad, but I also see the beautiful. And that is not just okay, that is preferred. To truly understand that not only am I enough,...

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