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February 2018 - “Love - Exciting & New...” Brass Packs

There is one saving grace about Valentines Day tho. KIDS! Buying the cute Valentines for everyone in the class...helping your kids fill them all out..two heart stickers and maybe a smiley face for the cute boys or girls...and an extra large Valentine for the teacher. And you HAD to get the one that had the sucker stuck through it because you wanted to be the Cool Valentine person. Being a mom is awesome on Valentine’s Day!

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It's all about the learning...

I was looking through some of my earlier pieces today. I'm sure other artists have felt this, but I looked at some of them and thought "wow, why did someone like this enough to buy it?" But then I appreciate that they DID like them enough. Maybe they saw potential. Maybe they liked the imperfection and potential. Whatever their reasons, I am grateful!    I have learned so much! I have learned what NOT to do from the many many MANY things I've done or at least tried...(soldering and chain maille, I will come for you still one day).    I have learned not to give up. That's number one on my reflections today. My newest obsession is resin. Wow...

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