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HEY FELLOW NERD FRIENDS & FAN FANATICS EVERYWHERE! Salt Lake ComiCon is coming up soon (September 21-22-23, 2017!). We are so excited! I can't wait to meet Dick Van Dyke. If he can make it through ComiCon, so can I!! We wanted to offer something special for our nerdy Tell us what fandom stuff you are just DYING for! (and if we don't already have it on our website), we will custom make it for you, give you 25% off, and bring it with us for you to pick up at Salt Lake City's upcoming ComiCon!  Just tell us in the comments what you want (what you really really want), and we will probably ask more questions and get...

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RIP Carrie Fisher #CarrieFisher #starwars

Let's face it. 2016 SUCKED. A LOT of greats died, and a lot of things almost happened.  But this one. This one went too far 2016.   Carrie Fisher passed away this morning, December 27, 2016. She was ten years older than me. I lived a life parallel to hers in many ways.  And yes, it started with Princess Leia. I was ten years old when Star Wars hit the theaters in 1977. We'd driven four hours to see the movie. I was mad that we weren't going to see "Herbie Goes Bananas" instead, but my brothers insisted on this sic-fi movie. So we waited and waited and waited for stupid seats. We got first row balcony seats, and I will...

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Pre-Portland, Creation Music & Bonding

Feb 7 2016 (Superbowl Sunday...Go Cowboys...I know, I know)... We are getting ready for the Portland Comicon. It's the farthest we've gone since we started our business. I've never been to Portland (I know, right?!). I hear it's beautiful. We have grown enough that we are now adding SKU's to our items. SKU's! That's a big deal. I have to tell you, I LOVE MAKING JEWELRY. I love creating weird, Frankenstein-ey things. I love taking old, discarded things, and making them into beautiful things, if for no other reason, but to prove that old and broken things can be more beautiful than anything new and shiny (I'm old and broken and happen to think I'm pretty awesome ;-) ).  What...

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