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My Obsessions

My husband once noticed something about me:  when I get into something, I don't just "kind of" get into it. I GET INTO IT. And I'm obsessed with it. And I keep obsessing and obsessing until one day....I'm done. I protested. Loudly. But he even gave me examples.  Scrapbooking. (my argument was "no need to scrapbook, we have the internet").  Crocheting. (I had plans to crochet everyone in the world a hat. I was wrong).  Working out every day (ok, but WHO HASN'T done this a gazillion times).  Going without sugar (most painful day of my life).  Making healthy shakes (you know the ones...the ones where you put a whole bunch of supposed healthy things into your blender, and it's...

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Pre-Portland, Creation Music & Bonding

Feb 7 2016 (Superbowl Sunday...Go Cowboys...I know, I know)... We are getting ready for the Portland Comicon. It's the farthest we've gone since we started our business. I've never been to Portland (I know, right?!). I hear it's beautiful. We have grown enough that we are now adding SKU's to our items. SKU's! That's a big deal. I have to tell you, I LOVE MAKING JEWELRY. I love creating weird, Frankenstein-ey things. I love taking old, discarded things, and making them into beautiful things, if for no other reason, but to prove that old and broken things can be more beautiful than anything new and shiny (I'm old and broken and happen to think I'm pretty awesome ;-) ).  What...

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