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September 2017 Brass Packs - People & Places

The Brass Caliper Lori Embree Owner / ArtistRigby, Idahowww.thebrasscaliper.comthebrasscaliper@gmail.comSeptember 2017 Brass Packs - Places & PeopleEnclosed is your September 2017 Brass Pack based on the Places & People theme. We are fortunate enough to have guest artists Jennifer Evans and Jerusha Hawkins as guest artists contributing. You’ve got to check out their stuff, they are fantastic. This month they have sent you “The Shire’s Beard Balm.” It smells DIVINE, and almost makes me wish I had a beard. I am 50, and close to menopause, so I may get my wish. I hope you held on to the leg of September and summer like I did. I love summer. I do not want it to end. But I’m afraid fall...

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