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May 2018 Blog Post - "Sci-Fi"

I will never forget how it felt to watch the Star Destroyer come across the screen for the very first time. W-O-A-H. And the music! I had never heard anything so cool. The story was fascinating. AND AWESOME. A whole bunch of bad guys in an entire galaxy wanted something that only a girl possessed. My 10 year old self couldn’t have articulated it then, but I held on to that Princess with everything, because she could be like me. And then...AND THEN….when Luke Skywalker looked up at the twin moons of Tatooine, I gave him my heart, which he still has to this day.

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March 2018 - Sheroes

Happy Women's History Month!  My birthday is in March. The most windy, blustery, grey, cold, unpredictable time in Idaho. March is not a pleasant time to be here. I spent a large portion of my life wishing my birthday was in July. I am a history lover. I love my country. I am the most patriotic person you will ever meet. It just made sense that *I* would be born in July--the same birth month as my nation. In fact, I used to tell strangers that I was born in July from time to time. But the truth is that nope--I had to be born in the armpit of months. March. Caesar was betrayed and stabbed in the back on my birthday. "Beware the Ides...

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February 2018 - “Love - Exciting & New...” Brass Packs

There is one saving grace about Valentines Day tho. KIDS! Buying the cute Valentines for everyone in the class...helping your kids fill them all out..two heart stickers and maybe a smiley face for the cute boys or girls...and an extra large Valentine for the teacher. And you HAD to get the one that had the sucker stuck through it because you wanted to be the Cool Valentine person. Being a mom is awesome on Valentine’s Day!

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