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October 2017 Brass Packs - "Oh the Horror"

What if we were to design our own "Remembrance Jewelry?" What would it look like? If you could design a piece to give to your posterity, what would be included on it? In it? Would it be a ring or a locket--bracelet or even a key fob?   But maybe that's not the purpose. Perhaps the purpose is for the wearer to decide what it is about the deceased that touched them so much in life that they need to have it memorialized to carry with them always. Was it their role in your life? Their proximity to you? Further, what things would give you comfort?

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Pre-Portland, Creation Music & Bonding

Feb 7 2016 (Superbowl Sunday...Go Cowboys...I know, I know)... We are getting ready for the Portland Comicon. It's the farthest we've gone since we started our business. I've never been to Portland (I know, right?!). I hear it's beautiful. We have grown enough that we are now adding SKU's to our items. SKU's! That's a big deal. I have to tell you, I LOVE MAKING JEWELRY. I love creating weird, Frankenstein-ey things. I love taking old, discarded things, and making them into beautiful things, if for no other reason, but to prove that old and broken things can be more beautiful than anything new and shiny (I'm old and broken and happen to think I'm pretty awesome ;-) ).  What...

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