Salt Lake ComiCon is coming up soon (September 21-22-23, 2017!). We are so excited! I can't wait to meet Dick Van Dyke. If he can make it through ComiCon, so can I!!
We wanted to offer something special for our nerdy

Tell us what fandom stuff you are just DYING for!
(and if we don't already have it on our website), we will custom make it for you, give you 25% off, and bring it with us for you to pick up at Salt Lake City's upcoming ComiCon! 

Just tell us in the comments what you want (what you really really want), and we will probably ask more questions and get more information so we can get things just right!

Then we will provide you with a link and a code, and a picture of the final. Easy peasy lemon squeazy. 
(Use code 1725FANPRE67 at checkout.


Much Love!



  • japancasinox

    Talent, you will tell nothing.. |

  • Lori Embree

    Hi Jen! Glad to hear you’re a Jim Butcher fan! My husband has always kind of teased me for my over exuberance (read: obsession) with certain celebrities. I am an eternal fan girl even though I am 50 years old. If I ever met George Strait, I would pee myself, forget how to speak, have a stroke, scream and faint. Not necessarily in that order. Eric is not into fandom. With two exceptions. He loves Sir Terry Pratchett (Our favorite author, RIP), and Jim Butcher. He may go a little ga-ga over Neil Gaiman too, but he would deny it. First time Jim Butcher came to @SLComiCon, he had a hoverboard thingey (the ones that blew up—thankfully his didn’t) and was riding around the exhibitor floor on it. He rode right up to our booth and stopped. Eric was not paying attention (he was helping someone else). My daughter came forward and started talking to him; she had no idea who he was. So I got to sit back and watch for a moment. I was fan-girling out some, but I wanted to see how Mr Cool would react. He finished helping his person, turned around, and Jen—you should have seen his face. Remember the sloth in the DMV scene in Zootopia after he is told a joke? That was Eric. It was epic. I watched my dear husband fan-girl. He did half of the things I would have done meeting George Strait, and I’m pretty sure Mr Butcher thought he had mental issues. Sorry, I just had to tell you that fellow fandom story! ANYWAY! YES! I would be SO VERY HAPPY to make you a couple of Jim Butcher pieces!! When I told Eric about your message, he got all excited and said “ooo let me help you design them.” Let me ask you a question…do you like copper, silver, gold, bronze? Are you a big statement necklace kind of person, or low key smaller? Finally, what is your budget? We can go anywhere from $15 – hey maybe we could call Jim Butcher and have him hoverboard over to you…. ;-). Looking forward to this! I’ll put a placard on the website for you when you tell me your final budget and how many pieces. :-)

  • Jen

    Hello! I was wondering if you’d be able to create any Jim Butcher themed items? My favorite series is his Codex Alera. I think it would be great to see a representation of a fury, or furies tied into Alera. I’d also be interested in Mistborn items. I like necklaces or keychains. Let me know if you have any other questions. I can’t wait to visit your booth again. Thanks for your time!

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