November 2017 Brass Packs - Our first guest artist!

November 2017


So this was written, and I thought posted in November of 2017. It was just brought to my attention that...Um...No it wasn't, and that nobody's seen December's post either.  Those of you that received Brass Packs got them, but the world did not, and that is my error. I have officially become my mother ("Lori, come help me set this %#?! VCR!"). Hopefully I've got it figured out now, and hopefully I only used three times as many curse words as my mom did back in the VCR days (BTW, Clicking on the computer mouse and hitting the ENTER button harder and harder while performing the same action that didn't work the first time doesn't solve the problem). 


Anyway, we couldn't have chosen a better first guest artist to take the reigns. Now, when I say "first," I don't mean to say that we haven't had contributions from other artists in our Packs. We have since the beginning. This was the first one that was done entirely by another artist. And I GOT TO GET A BRASS PACK TOO! I opened my pack like a kid on Christmas morning. It was (and still is) MAGIC. 

Thanks Velancy. You are a great friend and an incredibly talented artist. I am honored to know you. 

Her artist bio is below. 😊




My name is Velancy Fisher and I am a new contributing artist to Lori Embree’s Brass Packs. Lori and I have meet multiple times over the years at various events and also have a mutual friend/family member. Soo, that being said I guess I should introduce myself!

I am an artist and maker, and no I don’t have a website or even a Facebook page...yet. Yeah, I know -archaic fossil here...

I live with my husband and a small zoo of fur people, currently, one dog, two cats and five sugar gliders.

I am one of those people that Lori classifies as a “Macgyver” And it is soo stinking true! Being financially challenged most of my entire life, my arts and crafts are pushed to a new level as I have to be more creative in order to create within limited budgets and many times materials for which others see no purpose or use. This also fostered a love of reading and an extensive curiosity for knowledge and new ideas and perspectives.

Consequently this had lead me to realize years ago what my hobby actually is! That I collect new hobbies and revisit the old ones! I play with almost every form, medium, type, and style of art. Also, I am a serious collector and user of crafting stuff-yes, I own a glue gun- three in fact! Some specific arts and crafts I do are listed as follows:

--Working with beads of every size and type is something I enjoy very much and find wonderful inspiration for all around me in nature and fellow artists.

--Off and on I play with resin, wire, paper, and fabrics.

--I like bringing nature and gathered things into my art in unexpected ways.

--I love minerals, crystals and cool rocks.

--If I have a few dollars to spend I enjoy collecting a variety of antique and vintage items, and love the challenge of finding things at thrift shops, yard sales and antiques stores.

--Fiber and needle arts are a constant hobby in one form or another. From embroidery, both hand and machine done, to multiple forms of lace making. A common pocket project I most often carry with me is tatting, which is a form of lace making. I dabble in needle lace and am still learning one of the oldest forms of lacemaking known as Bobbin Lace.

--I also paint and sell various lacemaking supplies, mostly consisting of the bobbins that are used in making bobbin lace.

--Within The fiber arts is a huge tangent of mine...costuming! From Japanese street fashion, anime, Star Wars, Dicken’s era, elven styles, Victorian and steampunk, plus many others! As a result, I have helped with theater productions, both as a set designer and painter, to costuming several plays with local community theaters. When these crafts and art forms intersect it gets SCARY!

What inspires me-that is a tough one...
The smell of green grass after the first spring rains,
the sound of leaves chattering in the wind,
the rush of water on bare toes.
Sunsets of fire, and nights of shimmering moon beams
the hints of life all around me, the fairies and unicorns just out of sight in the corners of one’s sight. My wonderful, creative, game loving Hubby and our furry family.
The creations of fellow artists, crafters and makers, and the way they each see the world differently. I seek to find the beauty, and serenity in each day I have.

I hope you enjoy my contributions to the Brass Pack!

-Sincerely, Velancy

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