My Obsessions

My husband once noticed something about me:  when I get into something, I don't just "kind of" get into it. I GET INTO IT. And I'm obsessed with it. And I keep obsessing and obsessing until one day....I'm done. I protested. Loudly. But he even gave me examples. 

Scrapbooking. (my argument was "no need to scrapbook, we have the internet"). 

Crocheting. (I had plans to crochet everyone in the world a hat. I was wrong). 

Working out every day (ok, but WHO HASN'T done this a gazillion times). 

Going without sugar (most painful day of my life). 

Making healthy shakes (you know the ones...the ones where you put a whole bunch of supposed healthy things into your blender, and it's supposed to taste "ok?" Ya, no. They taste like crap. Every single one of them). 

Farmville, Cityville, Angry Birds, Trivia Crack, Covet. (look, we all need that feeling of accomplishment ok?!! Until we don't). 

Designing blueprints of houses (oh wait, I still do that). 

Being obsessed with celebrity. (oh wait, I still do that one too). 

Ok ok. So SOME things I obsess over, and then one day I'm done. But there are some things that I am passionate about that in the nearly 15 years we've been married that I have never wavered in my obsession, love, and loyalty. I even gave him examples. 

George Strait. Anyone that knows me knows that I love George Strait. No, I don't just casually enjoy his music. I am passionate about George Strait. If anyone comes into my home and disses The King of Country Music, they leave my home. 

The Dallas Cowboys. I mean, let's be real. HOW many years has it been since they've been in a Super Bowl? But still, I am a Cowboys fan since I was a youth. I will always be a Cowboys fan. Even if Tony Romo is STILL the stupid Quarterback next year. 

Butternut Squash. It's my favorite food. If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want internet access and a nice hotel. But after that, some Butternut Squash. 

Current Events. Politics. Civil & Individual Rights. American History. If anything, I become more and more passionate (This wonderful thing happens as you get older. You get a strong sense of "I don't give a crap about what you think." It's completely wonderful). 

My kids and grandkids. This one is a no-brainer. I have the best children and grandchildren in the galaxy. 

The Brass Caliper. I've never wanted something to work so much in my entire life. This is not about getting sub standard jewelry and other items out to the public to make a quick buck, this is about making quality things that I am proud of. It's about making connections. Friends. Going new places and meeting new people. I'm not in the black yet. Maybe in 2017 I will be. But OH, the experiences I've had, the people I've met. The things I have learned. 

My husband Eric. Yep. He is my biggest obsession. I might not have been crazy about him when I first met him (to be fair, he had a girlfriend, and I had such little self-esteem, I thought he kept asking me out on a bet or a dare), but when I let myself fall for him, I fell hard. I mean, it's like every Disney Princess' dream. It's like everything I used to roll my eyes at with my own parents. It's like my best friend, fellow nerd, sounding board, google, driver, hot guy, & the most interesting guy in the world rolled up into one person. When we got into our horrible motorcycle accident, all I could think about was "where's Eric? I need to be by Eric. Let me be by Eric. Please let me be by Eric" (consequently they did not let me be by Eric, and I am still so upset at them. Jerks). I tell him all the time, I would follow him everywhere like an annoying tooth ache, or a little puppy. And I will. Wherever he goes, that's where you will find me. Making googley eyes at him (go ahead, roll your eyes, "I don't give a crap-ha!")

I would love to know what YOU'RE obsessed with. If you are so inclined, leave me a comment or two! 



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  • Peter Nilson

    I am obsessed with architectural drawings. I’ll never build half of th3 things i draw… buildings need to be tall. They need acres of glass and stone – maybe even slides. But who knows. maybe oneday I’ll be a socially acceptable real estate developer… with better hair… Anyway, this post was perfectly delightful. I hope to read more.

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