It's all about the learning...

I was looking through some of my earlier pieces today. I'm sure other artists have felt this, but I looked at some of them and thought "wow, why did someone like this enough to buy it?" But then I appreciate that they DID like them enough. Maybe they saw potential. Maybe they liked the imperfection and potential. Whatever their reasons, I am grateful! 


I have learned so much! I have learned what NOT to do from the many many MANY things I've done or at least tried...(soldering and chain maille, I will come for you still one day). 


I have learned not to give up. That's number one on my reflections today. My newest obsession is resin. Wow resin can do some beautiful things (and a huge shout-out to my current favorite resin, available via  Some days I will be ON FLEEK (do they still even use that word beyond eyebrows?), and make some amazing pieces. And then some days I am so off, I wonder what in the world went wrong. But the only thing "wrong" I could ever do would be to stop doing what I love. 


So so I will continue to learn and grow....and hopefully get better as an artist. Because oh! How I love it. 


What are you excited to learn learn more about? 


(Ps: now I need to learn how to better take photos of resin pieces. I'm back to the drawing board on this one...) 


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