I need a business partner...any takers?


After a loooooonnnnngggggg respite from the online world, I’m back! I hope. Wow, nothing like major surgery to knock you out of the game for a while. I’m glad I’m not an actress, or I would have cared that everyone would have forgotten me by now (ok I kind of care that everyone has forgotten me by now). I’ve done a couple of cons, but I have been taking it really easy this past year, because my road to recovery has been really hard. The one constant about life is that it is always changing, and nothing like literally being bed bound to see how fast things go on without you. 


Eric is taking his sabbatical next April thru September. For his sabbatical, we will be traveling throughout the USA in an RV (just like in Toy Story 4) interviewing former students for his project. Garrett is in 8th grade and will be homeschooled during that time, with the USA as his classroom (how cool is that, the history teacher in me is salivating just thinking about it). I am doing a project as well that will maybe lead into two of my next projects....one for my next degree, and one for perhaps a book (I’ve always wanted to write a book). I’ve admin-ed a FB page since the last election called “Respectful Discourse,” which strives to seek unity in the divisive climate of our nation and still talk about pressing issues; and I’m going to take that idea on the road. How that’s going to pan out I don’t know yet. The other part will be writing and editing, but the main part will be just enjoying my time with Eric and Garrett. What a great opportunity. Maybe I’ll take a bit of my supplies and put a shingle out along the road somewhere and sell my art too, who knows. It’s nice having the opportunity to be flexible. 


I’ve decided to branch out in my artistry too, expanding beyond jewelry. I now make dragon eggs. They had really good response at the last con we attended, so that was encouraging. I’ve still got lots to learn about painting and whatever, but that’s what art is—constant learning while you create. 


One of the major things I came to realize throughout my time as a artist is that I need a partner. So I’m officially throwing my voice out into the universe and saying “HELLO! MY NAME IS LORI EMBREE, AND I NEED A BUSINESS PARTNER.” This is a good deal really. The business is debt free and established—with inventory and a hard worker that literally works for nothing (me).  I don’t need someone who can create things with me, I need someone who can fill in the business holes that need filled which are: 


—social media

—online website 

—social media



—help with cons/shows & scheduling

—making us money

The pay isn’t much right now (nothing) until your job gets going (you’d be in charge of that after all). 


So if this is an opportunity you would like to do, hit me up (Facebook messenger is probably best). I would really like to see a business go somewhere, but I didn’t get that side of the brain that can do that. 


I’ve got some killer egg pictures to post, so I’ll close for now so I can get to those. 


Stay nerdy my friends! 




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