I can wear jewelry now!

For years I haven't been able to wear jewelry (the irony of this for a jewelry maker is not lost on me). Something about my skin and metals, plastics, resins, etc....they just don't get along. I have to wear gloves to protect my skin while making jewelry.

My ears in particular are very sensitive to earrings. Even nickel free or sensitive ear type earrings don't work. If I wear a copper bracelet, my skin will be green in minutes. If I wear even a simple necklace, I will have red blotches on my neck. 

And at shows and ComiCons I WANT TO WEAR MY JEWELRY. 

And I have so many potential customers say "oh I love your stuff, but I can't wear jewelry," or "I am sure I won't be able to wear your repurposed (read: antique) jewelry." And they're right because I am right there with them, so I commiserate and send them on their way jewelry free. 

But I think I may have just found the answer. No, it's not nail polish. No it's not spraying polyurethane on the pieces (tried that, nope). I've even tried products meant to protect your skin, but it's a constant reapplication process, and frankly, I'm not good at knowing where my earrings are on the reapplication rotation, and I'm back to nursing my skin back to health after finding out the hard way my Mickey Mouse earrings needed coating again. 

It's the stuff that they put on metal buildings to protect them. It's the stuff that you can use for Painted, Anodized, Polished, Plated, Brushed, Rusted, Patina-ed metal. In fact, on their website, they tout "any metal." And it wasn't long before this magic stuff was applied to other things (refrigerators, grills, wheel rims, etc). And then they figured out that this could work for jewelry too. 

(Insert the sound of angels singing). 

The company and product is called "Everbrite," and the main jewelry product is called "ProtectaClear." It comes in liquid form for dipping jewelry, or aerosol spray. Either one works well, but there is a process. You can't just spray or dip and then let dry. And it takes practice. Lots of practice. And patience.  But OH, the results! I'm wearing earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces STEADY for the first time ever.  Personally this has been so good, and from a business standpoint, it gives others the opportunity to wear metals and substances they've never been able to wear before. And since we do such repurposed jewelry, this is a godsend. You can dip about anything, with the exception of some stones and pearls. 

This is the stuff! 


The picture at the top of this post is a piece of copper jewelry I dipped early on. I picked this piece up at an estate sale, and I actually thought it was brass (it was that weathered). After some careful cleaning, oxidation, replacing of missing stones, and some polishing with my new flex shaft (oh you gotta get one); this copper turned out so beautifully. Anyone who works with metals knows the beauty metals can hold with time and care. Petinas are so unique and individual, and there is so much beauty in the antique. Oh I did I tell you, it is a protectant as well for the metal, so it gives our antique pieces a new lease on life. 

The company touts its durability and wear, so I hope it will work forever. 

So if you've never been able to wear jewelry before, now you'll be able to wear most of our inventory (I've not been applying to  everything 100% because some don't need the coating, and I would like to see wear results)! 


Til next time, all the best old and new...

Lori Embree


Here's the link to buy this beautiful antique piece of copper jewelry: 





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