February 2018 - “Love - Exciting & New...” Brass Packs

February 2018 - “Love - Exciting & New.”

Hi everyone!

Is it Summer yet? When I was a high school teacher, this was the time of year where I would make the “woman’s yearly doctor appointment” and take a day off because having that appointment was better than facing more school without a break.

And then there was Valentine’s Day. Seriously, does anyone like this holiday? Don’t answer that. Y’all probably do. Ok, I do too. A little. I sure hated it when I was single. When you’re married, it’s the day you try and make dinner reservations for anyplace decent, and fail—so you end up eating dominoes at home in your sweat pants watching Sleepless in Seattle (best date ever). When you’re single, you spend the entire day focused too much on yourself and why you’re still single, and hey wait a minute, maybe I want to be single...back and forth. Plush teddy bears, cards, roses...you know...the important things in life. Or none of the above, and you wish you had those stupid stuffed bears. Or whatever. Or...gah, just tell me how to feel cupcakes (eat my feelings with cupcakes - my lifetime motto).

There is one saving grace about Valentines Day tho. KIDS! Buying the cute Valentines for everyone in the class...helping your kids fill them all out..two heart stickers and maybe a smiley face for the cute boys or girls...and an extra large Valentine for the teacher. And you HAD to get the one that had the sucker stuck through it because you wanted to be the Cool Valentine person. Being a mom is awesome on Valentine’s Day!

In our family, we have a tradition that everyone gets a pair of cute socks on Valentines Day. Because nothing says “I Love You” like warm and cute feet. So this month, since y’all are family, you get a cute pair of Valentines socks. AND, your Packs include lots of specific things that I hope you love. The red heart necklace design came to me in a dream. Weighting a necklace properly is not the easiest task. One of the aspects of Steampunk is not symmetry, so I didn’t want the sides to match--however--they had to match weight wise. Easier said than done. The heart at the bottom is inspired by the “Conversation Hearts” we used to get when we were kids...only yours has aspects that glow in the dark. No kidding! The gear on the right side came out of a 1930’s grandfather mantle clock. The lockets were kind of an after-thought that I added since when you think of a “true love” you think of jewelry that has a loved one in a locket. Cheesy I know--(like that Domino's Pizza we had tonight...mmmmmm). Each piece in your Pack is one of a kind. That’s called “Couture” in fashion isn’t it? Steampunk Couture. I like it. Has a ring to it. Or maybe a tick-tock to it. Something like that.

Oh and one more thing. WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?

Xxxx & Oooos,

Lori Embree



P.s. by the way, I have the best Valentine ever. I mean EVER. My wonderful companion, fellow nerd, and soul mate for life—Eric. He puts up with my George Strait obsession. And all my other celebrity obsessions and fandoms. And causes. And quirks. If everyone could find someone as amazing as Eric Embree is, the world would be a much happier place. I won the lottery with this guy. I love you Nerd Man.

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