Christmas Ornament 2019

Here is The Brass Caliper’s 2019 Christmas Ornament. I do an ornament every year, and this one obviously commemorates The Holy Nativity. But the ornaments are also a design reflection of the year as well, and this year, the USA has had a particularly hard time with refugees. I hope we can change that in 2020.

—Some would argue that The Holy Family are “The Original Refugees,” which was why I picked them for this year (besides the obvious Christmas reason).
—The ornament is transparent, which represents the universality of people just wanting a better life for themselves and their families. That’s something we can all hopefully clearly see and relate to as human beings.

—The Holy Family represents the importance of EVERY family—and EVERY child.

—The Stable represents being grateful for humble beginnings—(noticeably missing are restraints/cages).

—No matter your belief system, we most likely know the story of the Birth of Jesus—that shepherds (the lowest of the social classes of the time) were welcomed to look upon Him, that wise men came from all over to bring precious gifts, and that angels heralded His arrival into Bethlehem even though there was absolutely no room for Him in it.

—As a U.S. citizen, I know that the USA has had a long tradition of giving families fleeing war, poverty and persecution a chance to rebuild their lives in safety, but since our last President has taken over, combined with increasing unrest in the world, unprecedented poverty, corrupt governments (including our own), crime and drugs (etc!), that tradition and safety has turned to fear, hatred for others and distrust—to the point now that we lock up these families at our borders. I don’t profess to know all the answers. I don’t profess to know even one answer. But I do know that we are better than this as human beings. We have to be. And I know that one person CAN make a difference. Here is a website link with 12 ways we can help refugees. I’m sure there are a million more ways. I hope 2020 will bring more hope & real solutions for ALL Holy Refugee Families. I hope we can all find trust, love and room in our hearts and country to replace the fear, hatred and distrust we currently have. I hope we can build bridges instead of walls. Happy New Year to you all.

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