Pre-Portland, Creation Music & Bonding

Feb 7 2016 (Superbowl Sunday...Go Cowboys...I know, I know)...

We are getting ready for the Portland Comicon. It's the farthest we've gone since we started our business. I've never been to Portland (I know, right?!). I hear it's beautiful. We have grown enough that we are now adding SKU's to our items. SKU's! That's a big deal. I have to tell you, I LOVE MAKING JEWELRY. I love creating weird, Frankenstein-ey things. I love taking old, discarded things, and making them into beautiful things, if for no other reason, but to prove that old and broken things can be more beautiful than anything new and shiny (I'm old and broken and happen to think I'm pretty awesome ;-) ). 

What do you listen to when you create? Do you have a process? I would really love to know. I have different ones. If I want to organize the "laboratory," I crank up the volume on Van Halen (Sammy Van Halen). If I want to take more time and consider the pieces I'm working with, the music changes. If I am creating something with a particular fandom attached (ie-Doctor Who, Sherlock), I listen to the soundtracks from those things. I got pretty silly listening to Superman over and over whilst I imagined what Steampunk Kryptonite would look like (hint: it looks a lot like green sea glass). 

Of course, I love to listen to #GeorgeStrait. If I were stranded on a desert island, that is the music I would take. I could live there a LONG time without hearing the same songs twice, and I would NEVER tire of them. Here lately I've been listening to my second love, #GlenCampbell as well (#JohnnyCash was my first, #GlennCampbell was my second, and #GeorgeStrait is my forever). #Galveston on repeat made an amazing piece of art made from the metal I found at the old Idaho mining town of Gilmore. 

I know, weird. 

I think it may have something to do with the bonding agents we use too. I'm pretty sure it's seeping into my brain and killing off the two braincells I have left. Nah, don't worry, I have a proper mask. I mean, I have a LEGIT mask. Like the little kid on Doctor Who who creepily asks "Are You My Mummy?" I REALLY need to learn how to solder this year. Anyone want to teach me?

The BEST part of this obsession we call #TheBrassCaliper is that I get to work elbow to elbow with my daughter Sarah, my husband Eric, and my son Garrett. We can be in the laboratory all weekend and not even realize it. I am constantly amazed at how incredibly talented my family is. Eric is ALWAYS coming up with AMAZING clocks and lamps, and he can find pieces like none other. Garrett can take those pearler beads and make them into anything he imagines. Sarah's wire-wrapping skills and knowledge of semi-precious stones is the best I've ever seen (and I peruse Pinterest).

At the end of the day, I look at what we have created and it makes me HAPPY. I'm proud..a little nervous (I REALLY hope you like the stuff as much as I do), and a lot satisfied that I found this at this particular time of my life.  Besides, who needs to actually PARK in our garage? I would much rather have it filled to overflowing with old gears, gauges, and clocks. It's an artist's dream (although Eric, if you wanted to organize it so we COULD park in the garage, wow!). 

Please take a moment and peruse our new stuff. We're particularly proud of it (also on my things to improve this year is to take better pictures). I would LOVE to know what you think. 

Well, I better get to bed. Remember to always sing to the songs on the radio, even if you don't know the words. Especially if you don't know the words. I make them up as I go (I still think it's "the cat let me in your penthouse" in Goodbye Yellow-Brick Road, and Sound Hound won't convince me). I make them up. Just like my LIFE. And it is AWESOME. 

Love, Lori

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  • Hayden

    You’re going to my home! If you have time, be sure to visit voodoo donuts, powell’s city of books, and the Portland temple. Oh, and the rose city food park! Good luck!

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